UAV Search and Rescue Systems Are Life Savers

UAV Search and Rescue Systems Are Life Savers
When a disaster occurs, there’s a great potential for loss of life. First responders, police officials, and other government agencies often only have a small amount of time to gather their resources and attempt to save lives. A search and rescue UAV can maximize this time, giving rescue workers more of a window to locate survivors. In tough disaster relief situations, police search and rescue officials can rely on UAVs to help them map the terrain as well as help pinpoint the location of missing persons. With the information gathered by a UAV, search and rescue teams have a much great chance of minimizing loss of life after a disaster occurs.
In the aftermath of a disaster, such as a tornado or wildfire, one of the most important tasks that police, fire rescue, and emergency officials have is to gather as much information as possible about the situation as soon as they possibly can. With many different agencies working together to locate survivors, it can sometimes be difficult to properly communicate the information necessary to save lives. What a search and rescue UAV offers in these situations is the ability to get eyes in the sky right away, so that disaster relief professionals will all have access to real-time information. With a UAV, search and rescue teams can get precise situational awareness that will allow them to make better decisions in the field.

Life-Saving Information During Wildfires
Another popular method of using UAV search and rescue systems is to gather information during wildfires. FireFlight’s CEO, Jerry Stuckey, created the unmanned aircraft that the company specializes in for the express purpose of helping fire departments gather information during Oklahoma’s wildfire season. Wildfires pose a dangerous threat in Oklahoma, where they can consume residences as well as agricultural resources. With the help of a UAV from FireFlight, police, search and rescue officials, and other emergency workers can gain information about fire that can help them protect human lives and important resources.

FireFlight offers police search and rescue UAVs that consider each client’s specific needs. Used by police officers, EMTs, and other government officials, search and rescue UAV systems from FireFlight offer a quick, safe method of obtaining information necessary to saving lives in a disaster situation. Armed with a FireFlight UAV, disaster relief professionals will be at a great advantage whenever a disaster strikes near them.