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The Only Fire and Rescue UAV Company Offering Full Support

When choosing the best in disaster management technology, it’s important to look ahead to what will happen after a purchase has been made. This is especially important when considering a police UAV that will be used in helping to obtain information after a disaster. While UAV search and rescue systems can be a valuable component of any attempt to provide rescue services after a disaster, how valuable they truly are depends on how accurately they are utilized. When choosing a UAV, police and first responders will be best served by opting to work with FireFlight UAS, an Oklahoma-based drone company that provides full support with every UAV purchase.
After purchasing a police UAV, support and training is essential in order to get the best use out of it. For those who are used to the processes associated with obtaining information on the ground, learning about how to operate this new disaster management technology can be difficult. FireFlight makes it easy for emergency works and other disaster relief professionals to get acquainted with the ins and outs of UAV search and rescue systems. Offering training at the customer’s location or some of the best spots in Arizona and Oklahoma, FireFlight is there for customers from start to finish, providing in-depth training, support materials, and assistance.

Customized Support for Every Client
Jerry Stuckey, CEO of FireFlight and a veteran firefighter of 27 years, understands the need that law enforcement officials have for UAV training and support. To fully support the needs of its customers, FireFlight offers both standardized and customized UAV search and rescue support packages. Whether police and fire rescue professionals require ongoing training and support on how to use police UAV systems, or whether “as needed” service is required, FireFlight is there every step of the way to providing assistance with operating and maintaining UAV police systems.

The support offered by FireFlight is of such high quality due to the hands-on experience the company has training emergency officials to use UAV search and rescue systems. From fire service and EMT personnel to USAF aircrew, FireFlight has trained countless individuals online, in classrooms, and in the field. In emergency or life-threatening situations, it’s always good to have the critical police UAV support offered by FireFlight to rely on. When it comes to selecting a UAV, police and first responders trust FireFlight to provide them with complete support and training.